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What they say about us

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Click for the NYTimes article where David Roos is featured discussing in-home dog training.

Perfect Paws Dog Training
Please note that because we do not pay to be a "yelp sponsor," some of our more than 60 5-star reviews have mysteriously been "filtered."

“Love, Health and Training.  The three most important things you can your puppy.  For years we have recommended Perfect Paws for training.  It’s one of the best gifts you can give your pet and a gift you will see for life.  Over the years, hundreds of our clients have used Perfect Paws for training with outstanding results.  Perfect Paws has the ability to train puppies while secretly and gently training the pet owners, which is key to any successful training program.  Perfect Paws teaches lessons for life.”
Timothy Holyoake, Manager, Arguello Pet Hospital

“Perfect Paws fosters a fun, healthy relationship between a dog and it’s guardian through gentle, positively reinforced training techniques.”
Tim Bloom, DVM, Presidio Way Veterinary Hospital

“I have recommended Perfect Paws to my clients for dog training since 1986.  They provide excellent training and socialization classes.  I personally have had 2 puppies go through their courses and am continually impressed with their level of expertise.”
Jill Chase, DVM, Ocean Beach Veterinary Clinic

“Perfect Paws is my first choice recommendation for behavior classes.  They cover everything from socialization through separation anxiety and aggression problems with skill and empathy.”
Richard Spickard, DVM, Animal Dynamics

“I enrolled in Perfect Paws with my rescued Labrador Retriever and found their classes to be extremely helpful in correcting many of his behavioral issues.  I’d recommend them to any pet owner.  The emphasis Perfect Paws places on socialization and positive reinforcement helps to strengthen the human-animal bond.”
Sheila Chen, DVM, Palo Alto Pet Hospital

“I have been referring my clients to Perfect Paws for several years, for it has an outstanding reputation.  I am well acquainted with David Roos; in fact, I enrolled my puppy “Lucy” into two of his courses.  David is always willing to take that extra step with his clients, and has excellent communication skills. He is patient, friendly, and confident”
Janet Foley, DVM, Avenues Pet Hospital

“Our shelter dogs could not ask for better friends than David Roos at Perfect Paws.  While we find the homes, David helps to keep them!  With his help our “kids” blossom into well-mannered city dogs.  He is truly a shelter dog’s best friend.”
Lisa Hockins, Pets Unlimited, Shelter Manager

“Simply the best training experience imaginable!  Informative and most of all fun.  Perfect Paws trained dogs are my favorite clients.  They are the most secure, well trained and happy dogs I see.”
Jeffrey Bryan, DVM, Irving Street Vet Clinic

“They’re great!  You can always tell a Perfect Paws graduate.”
Noe Valley Pet Co.

“Perfect Paws has established itself as the most professional and effective dog training business in the Bay Area.”
Marc and Lynn Macy, The Pet Place, Menlo Park, CA