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GET IT DONE Training Package

12 Sessions @ $85.00 each = $1,020.00

Too busy with work and family to train your puppy or rescued dog?

I will come to your home three (3) times per week for one (1) month and give your dog the jumpstart he needs. One of those days per week I will work with you and your dog together, to help you keep the behaviors strong.

Each session is approximately one hour.

TWICE-WEEKLY Training Package

8 Sessions @ $90.00 each = $720.00

Helps to keep YOU compliant and motivated. (It’s easy to teach the dog, it’s harder for humans….don’t tell anybody).

Each session is approximately one hour, twice a week for (4) weeks.

BASIC Training Package

5 sessions @ $95.00 each = $475.00

Teaching you how to teach your dog….then practice, practice, practice.

Each session is approximately one hour per week for (5) five weeks.

Evaluation and Advice for Serious Behavioral Problems….(“I Love A Good Challenge!”)

First Session $100
Subsequent Sessions $95

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